The Year Everything Changes

For weeks now, when I’ve meditated on 2009, I’ve heard the Lord say to me over and over again, “This is the year that everything changes.”

I know some of the things in my life and my friends’ lives that will change dramatically this year, but I don’t know the full meaning of everything. It sounds like a lot of things, though.

I keep seeing in my spirit the United States. As I look down like from a satellite, I see a darkness spreading across the face of this country. This darkness certainly includes the economic downturn and the despair that accompanies it. Do not look for the economy to get better in 2009.

The good news is that 2009 is the beginning. When historians look back on this phase of history, they will stab their pencils on 2009 and say “that’s the year everything changed.”

As the darkness spreads, people’s securities will be dismantled and they’ll be left with nothing. Those of us whose hearts burn for the Lord will have our securities in him and the difference between us and them will become dramatic. They will begin coming to the church for answers because their are no answers anywhere else.

Church, focus your eyes on him and not on the economy and you will see the most exciting revival the church has ever witnessed. I’ve heard people talk for centuries about the coming persecution, but I’ve never seen it. This doctrine comes mostly from a mis-reading of the Revelation.

Of course, there will always be those who must trade their lives for the gospel, but all I see is revival. I see a revival that will change the world.

As the darkness engulfs the map I see the true church starting to emerge as crystal. It’s important that it’s crystal because crystal is the only kind of rock that grows, and I see that as the church comes together in unity for Christ, that a crystal tower is growing in the midsts of America. And just like the tower of Babel was once raised to reach heaven without God, this tower will reach heaven by God’s holy power.

As I watch this tower grow, God’s light shines brighter and brighter on it. I see beautiful brightness and amazing colors spreading through the earth. I see as this tower grows, that people in countries all around the world start looking at it. As they look at it, the colors show up in their eyes, and soon, I see towers growing up in every country.

Keep your eyes on the Lord and you will see revival like you’ve never seen before.